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MFX Solutions





Date: 2009   |   Amount: USD 9 million part of first close of USD 13 million   |  Country:  Global   |   Sector:  Microfinance

I managed the Omidyar Network’s anchor investment into  MFX, the first dedicated microfinance currency risk solutions provider. The idea for MFX had been born in 2005 and I was involved in early discussions on its possible role and structure while at Morgan Stanley, where we had provided in-house hedging for the microfinance transactions we arranged, BOLD 2006 and BOLD 2007.

On behalf of Omidyar, I became the founding Chair of MFX in 2009

By 2013,  MFX had hedged nearly half a billion dollars in loans to small entrepreneurs in developing countries covering more than 30 currencies.  Its education programs have trained hundreds of micro-SME bankers across Africa on managing market risk.

Visit the MFX website.

Read the press release on the first close

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