This website provides information about the services I and my professional network can offer in the arena of  “inclusive capital”.  Inclusive capital is the phrase I use to describe investments which have the objective of allowing populations that would otherwise be underserved to enjoy the benefits of advances in technology, communications and finance, through products and services which are affordable and accessible to them.  Typically these products and services will also bring with them environmental and social improvements and benefits, so another term often used is “impact investing”.

My experience in this field dates back to a childhood and youth in West Africa, where I was exposed to poverty and some of the most basic ways to alleviate it. But most recently has been derived from my work with Morgan Stanley, the Omidyar Network and Enclude over close to ten years now.  During that time, I have intermediated well over $500 million of capital flows, both on the buy and sell sides.

Summaries of some of the transactions I have been involved with are provided under the Credentials tab, with more detailed descriptions available from there or via the deal-type tags in the right-hand column of the website.  A selection of the clients and partners I have been privileged to work with over the years can be found on that tab

At Enclude, I was the founding Managing Director of one of the very few specialist intermediaries in the inclusive capital space, Enclude Capital Advisory Services.  In this role, I established Enclude Capital Advisory UK (“ECA”) as an arranger regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.  As at the middle of 2014, ECA had arranged some $250 million in transactions since inception in 2012, including fundraises and corporate finance deals.  Having set ECA up, built its initial team and led its initial set of transactions, I stepped down as Managing Director in the autumn of 2014.

At Morgan Stanley, I led the pioneering Microfinance Institutions Group, which arranged the two largest microfinance transactions ever completed, BOLD 2006 and BOLD 2007.  The second of these deals won the Financial Times “Sustainable Deal of the Year” award in 2008.

At Omidyar Network, as a Senior Director of Investments, I was responsible for making founding investments in MFX Solutions (the only dedicated microfinance currency hedging facility) and the insurance fund Leapfrog Investments, now one of the largest funds in operation in the impact investing arena.

My professional network of associates can complement my skills and experience where needed, in order to fulfil mandates where a blend of professional skills is required.

As well as descriptions of my experience and the services I and my network can provide, the website carries occasional posts on issues in inclusive capital or more broadly.  You can also find me on Twitter @icinclusivecap.


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