The following are the main services I and my network can assist you with.  Please note that, except in very exceptional circumstances, we do not undertake work on a success only basis.

Download short brochure:  Brochure for Mail   —  Brochure for Print (2.3MB)

Fundraising Advisory

Advice and assistance with raising capital for funds, financial institutions and companies.  This can include advice on general capital strategy.      Sample mandates

Corporate Finance Advisory

Advice on potential or actual merger / acquisition opportunities.    Sample mandates

Strategic Advisory

Advice on strategy for new or existing funds, financial institutions and companies


Inputs to research projects, especially on topics relating to new directions or possibilities in inclusive capital intermediation and transaction arrangement.     Sample mandates

Investor Relations

Assistance with investor relations strategies and programmes

Board Positions

Provision of independent Board members.  I have sat on many boards, both commercial and NGO, including as Chair in a number of instances.