NGO Microfinance Exits

NGO Microfinance Exits

Date:  In progress, 2014   |   Country:  3 countries in E Europe / Middle East    |   Sector:  Microfinance   |   Amount in USD: Not Disclosed  |   Client: Global NGO

Under this mandate I have been advising a global NGO on responsible exit strategies for a number of microfinance holdings that are no longer viewed as central to its mission .

Exits for NGOs involve some especially difficult considerations in that the reasons for establishing the MFIs in the first place will often have been humanitarian, following a natural disaster or similar event where creating a means of enabling the affected population to establish livelihoods was viewed as an essential path out of the immediate aftermath of the event.

In most instances such MFIs are established as not-for-profits, and with significant grant capital inputs from government and supranational bodies.  Yet some of hem have grown into successful institutions that have created significant value, and this creates complex contexts for the exits.

These exits are ongoing at the time of writing.


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