Acleda Bank

Acleda Bank






Date:  2013   |   Country:  Cambodia   |   Type:  M&A   |    Amount in USD: Not Disclosed   Client:  Triodos Investment Management

Sale of a 6% stake in Acleda Bank Plc to Orix Corporation of Japan, following a competitive auction process.  Acleda is one of the largest commercial banks in Cambodia and the country’s first microfinance institution, with over $2 billion in assets (as of Dec. 31, 2013). Acleda also operates a bank in Laos, which is amongst the top private commercial banks in the country, and a microfinance company in Myanmar, which is among the few sizeable institutions with an approved microfinance license.

From the press release:

Ian Callaghan, Managing Director of Enclude’s Capital Advisory business, commented, “This transaction, like others with which Enclude has been involved, builds the track record of microfinance in demonstrating the “round trip” of capital – that is, the ability to invest and successfully exit – within the impact investing space. It was also an opportunity to bring in an experienced strategic investor that has the technical expertise and know-how to help grow ACLEDA’s regional footprint.”


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