Peshawar School Attack 16th December 2014

Peshawar School Attack 16th December 2014


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This is a personal post and just a bit of  record.

When I heard about the Taliban attack on the army public school in Peshawar – a place I have passed by many times and where 132 children were murdered, along with 16 staff – I wrote a note to my colleagues and friends in Pakistan expressing my sympathy during their three days of mourning.  Below are some of the responses.

–  It’s so big it’s numbing. It’s almost impossible to embrace such a tragedy. I think most of us did only a few things yesterday. Scream “no”, cry and state at the news in shock. I think that is the process of grief and it seems endless in Pakistan.

–  While there are different words to describe different losses such as widow, widower, orphan the loss of a child is such a tragedy that there is no single word which describes this loss; and then to compound it with a senseless tragedy such as what happened in Peshawar is simply perplexing. One of my close friends lost a nephew who was a class 9 student – there is no consolation to be found anywhere.

–  Please remember the parents, friends and siblings of all those unfortunate children in your prayers.

–  Thank you for thinking about us at this difficult time. As a nation we now have to show the resolve to do what we know needs to be done.
–  Even after years of senseless loss of life and the consequential de-sensitization of the masses, you are right in that this particular event has shocked most to the core. How Pakistan and  its friends respond to this will be critical. Our prayers and thoughts are with the affected families/friends
–  Yes 16th December will be remembered as a BLACK day in the history of Pakistan. Losing huge amount of innocent souls who were a hope for Pakistan. Thank you for remembering us.
–  Dear Ian, thank you for your note and I fully agree that this should end now. I don’t know how the government will respond to it but the whole nation is crying for innocent kids. This is the time that the entire world should stand together with us in dealing with these elements.
–  Indeed it is a tragedy beyond measure, reason, or words. Thank you for reaching out, appreciate it.
–  Thank you for your message. The mood all over the country is somber.-  I appreciate your kind gesture and message of support. I hope that this proves to be the last straw after which get rid of these fanatics once and for all.
 – Truly horrible news from home. I really hope the outrage and sorrow can be channeled into efforts to change the status quo.
–  Thank you for your kind sentiments. It was a horrific incident beyond all imagination.

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